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Richard Pryor – Icon (Documentary)

For me, as a marketer, a teacher, and I’d like to think an innovator of certain things… I’m intensely curious about how genius is created, and this documentary on Richard Pryor was an extremely valuable lesson is several ways for me. Check it when you get a chance, and let me know what lessons you … Continue reading

Richard Pryor “Whatcha Gon Do?”

If comedy is being able to look at ourselves, laugh, and share it, then Richard Pryor is it’s personification. Be warned, there’s definitely comedic language.

Raheem Devaughn – Believe

In my farthest of dreams as I wander through the streets of DC, listening and humming along quietly. Man… I wish so bad that I could experience what it would be like to have a musical talent. To speak in the language that is life itself, but then again… I guess we all sing in … Continue reading