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Funded Proposal Secrets

Inside you’re going to learn how to create your own funded proposal like the gurus, how to generate 100% profits for your efforts, for the first time make REAL profits on the front end of your business and how to create your own fully functional funded proposal system like the gurus.

Inside you’ll learn:

- How to create your own information product from scratch that your prospects are already dying to by in less than a week or in as little as a day.

- The insider secret 3 step method to turning your information product into an irresistible offer that will convert at 5% or better.

- 3 simple methods you can use to turn your information product into an automated recruiting machine and multiple streams of income on autopilot.

- How to create a “Maximum Leverage” maximum profit funnel that will more than triple your profits on your original product. The best part about this is making these changes take VERY little time and produce huge returns.

- How to split test your offer to passively improve your conversion and profits on autopilot.

- How to write copy that converts even if you suck at writing like I do in two days or less (the secret is you don’t have to be that good. It’s a simple 8 step cookie cutter method).

- The never before revealed process and formula for turning your information product into a generic funded proposal like the gurus. (I will reveal every step he took to create “Power Prospecting System”).

- How to create your very own company specific automatic online recruiting machine so both you and your team members never have to physically “recruit” again (A case study on the creation of “Quantum Wealth System”).

- Once you complete this module you will have a product creation blueprint that will allow you to play in the big leagues and profit like the gurus.

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