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A little more than three weeks ago, I said goodbye to my beautiful ocean view home here in Maui to head back to the Mainland to undertake one of THE most extensive trips of my personal and internet network marketing business life and . . .

I counted, some 43+ people who individually sent me a FaceBook message asking where I was and why wasn't I sending my daily email updates like this . . .

Like Aaron Read On To Find Out Where Daegan's Been For The Last Three Weeks . . .

To all who wondered where I'd been I thank you for your correspondence, and for all those looking for a good story and where I've been please read on . . .

The internet network marketing world has changed me to the core. I am simply a new, better, and different person. The personal metamorphosis that has taken place has been astounding.

From an insignificant wage earner wondering what value my position in life added... now, to a person who awakes every single day happy, fulfilled, and ever hungry to create more positive change in the world.

My one and only wish is for you to undergo that same core change. To realize your own significance. To live a life without worry, fear, or doubt. To help as many others remove the shackles of mediocrity and awaken with new eyes to a wondrous and abundant world that already surrounds them.

My trip began with an 11-hour flight back to my hometown of Washington, DC. From paradise to the fast pace rhythm of city life.

Once home, I decided to go out for dinner to a little restaurant named "Georgia Browns" for some good ole down south stuffed shrimp. It was there that I met Travis, my new instant friend.

Funny how life surprises you. My trip back to DC was to take part in a $20,000 per year mastermind group I committed myself to being a part of. And there I was, the first day back, meeting a new friend.

Turned out Travis's family owns the largest recycling company in the Maryland, DC, and Delaware area. A legacy business started by his grandfather, that in a little over 100 years has ballooned into a billion dollar company.

The Billion Dollar Recycling Business

Travis took me out to the largest of their 32 recycling centers and I was astonished. There amongst the trash and debris lay millions of dollars worth of value waiting to be harvested. In any economy, in any time, under any circumstances there is the possibility for any of us to create wealth, if only we open our eyes to see it.

Finding Billions Hidden In The Trash

Whether you're just beginning your business, you've been marketing for a while and you're still awaiting your own breakthrough, or you're a seasoned pro, I challenge you to look deeper.

There's more abundance there, for us all, than we could ever fathom. My trip to the DC recycling center, 15-minutes from my home, reconfirmed this carnal truth to me and hence I share it here with you.

Time flies... and my mastermind meeting begins. I arrive at the hotel an hour early to prepare and have some breakfast - a southwestern egg scramble.

As I sit there excitedly going through my notes for what I'd like to share, I feel a tinge of fear strike me - "What if I don't have any value to share with the group? Will they accept me?"

When these moments arise and a little voice tries to shoot me down I simply respond to myself - "Who cares, just go out there and have some fun!" - and that's exactly what I did . . .

Over the two days of the meeting I noticed my counterparts taking more notes from what I shared than anyone else. "What a silly thought I had a few days ago," I thought to myself.

It appeared those five years of intensive study and action had proved valuable. I knew things they didn't even know existed. I felt I had contributed my part. But, no time to gloat...

Next, off to Las Vegas for my best friend Ed's bachelor party. I had reserved a room for myself and 4 other rapscallions at the "Hard Rock" it was time for Ed's last stand as a single man.

View From Our Hard Rock Sweet Of The Massive Pool

I arrive first. Quickly drink WAY more than I should have, and by the time the others arrive I'm already passed out in the room (haha). Vegas right?

A few hours later I awake, see they had called, and take my drunk ass down to meet them. The party continues . . .

The next morning we spring for a cabana down by the famous Hard Rock pool. A good move and great day. Food and drink for all, and plenty of good people watching - if you know what I mean.

My last night in Vegas we pull up to a Black Jack table and see a guy sitting there with two giant yellow chip stacks ($1000 a chip). We sit down for about 30-minutes and play with him.

When we get up to leave, his stack is about 85% gone.

A fool and his money are always quickly parted, but the biggest lesson I want to make sure you get is . . .

Going to places like Vegas is STRONG mental validation for the abundance of the world. Money flows in one direction - your pocket to the casino and . . .

Yet we happily go there time and time again fully knowing our fate. I'm still working on cracking the Vegas marketing code. It's genius. It proves that entertainment trumps all else where cash flow is concerned.

You entertain well and throw in a little marketing savvy and you simply get rich. Example - Vegas.

Our time together moves faster than a Cheetah in pursuit. Next . . .

Napa Valley for the wedding. I'd never been to Napa, but I'm struck by its beauty. Wine country is amazing.

Ed's wedding is tomorrow now. Again, there we are at the bar getting as many drinks as humanly possible down the gullet of the soon to be groom and our own. The next day we ALL pay for it (Especially me).

Being the Best Man I had to give the Best Man toast - ONLY problem is, I'm more hung over than I've ever been in my life and I don't exactly know what to say.

Thank God I Didn't Loose Those Rings

The wedding goes off without a hitch. I don't lose the rings, and faster than I wanted we're at the wedding dinner.

5-minutes before I get up to speak... I'm nervous.

The Maid of Honor gives her speech which she's clearly thought about. The clock ticks . . .

I take a deep breath and say "Whatever happens, happens." Remove all fear from my heart. And wearing my father's Ray Ban sunglasses to keep out the brightness, I stand up. I'm handed the mic and speak...

My Fearless Best Man Toast That Had The Whole Colbert Clan In Stitches Including Uncle Stephen Colbert Of The "Colbert Report"

From the second I began, that crowd was mine. I had them cracking up, even . . .

Stephen Colbert, my best friend Ed's uncle, and famous comedian (I can't go into all the sneaky from the stage marketing stuff I used to keep the crowd cracking up, but it worked like a charm - maybe a good topic for another episode).

[Mental note - check off "make famous comedian fall out of chair laughing his ass off," from the bucket list.]

I sit down. Ed says "I'll remember that for the rest of my life," I feel good.

The next day the newlyweds head off to Maui, of all places, for their honeymoon and we head to Santa Cruz for a little bonfire and beach action with a few friends (nice beach, but the water is FREEZING - not like back here in Maui at all).

The next afternoon we head off to an ancient Redwood Forest along the coast of northern California, deep in the mountains. Breathtaking . . .

A Breathtaking View Of The Ancient Redwood Forest Of Northern California

Some of these ancient trees are older than our modern calendar. Older than Christianity. They are of the tallest and oldest life on the planet.

Walking through this tranquil forest is almost beyond reality. Like nothing I've ever seen. Vast green and red everywhere. In the silence, I feel how small I really am.

Me Sitting Front Of The Second Largest Redwood In Big Basin Park "Father Of The Forest"

How short my existence really is, and I feel a warm rush of happiness come over me. We've each only got so much time, why waste it? I ask myself "Am I living a life of significance, without fear, without want, full of joy?"

My mind responds resoundingly, "yes." It was a good day. A day I'll never forget.

In the blink of an eye I'm back on a plane. This time to Austin, Texas.

The reason for this leg of my travels was for another mastermind meeting, except . . .

Between the time when I bought my tickets and when I arrive in Austin the meeting has been pushed back a week. So now I've got four days in Austin (one of the coolest cities in the US) without a plan.

I call John, one of my mentors (I've given him over $20,000 over the last few years) who lives in Austin to see what he's up to. He's free.

We go to dinner at "Austin Land and Cattle" for one of the best steaks of my life.

We talk shop and I come out of the meal without having to write him another $10,000 check (nice feeling) and a few really powerful new marketing ideas. 'Twas a good meal.

Earlier that day I had called and left a message for my friend Mike Dillard (of Magnetic Sponsoring and BetterNetworker), who also lives in Austin, to see what he was up to.

At dinner with John, he calls back and says "We've got the whole Magnetic team in town and we're doing a company retreat. You're timing couldn't be any better. Want to come join us on the houseboat and check out the new office tomorrow?"

I respond "Why not?"

The next morning, I meet up with him in the lobby of the Austin Hilton at 10am with the rest of his crew. We check out their new swank office overlooking the capitol building. Pretty sweet location in my opinion.

Jumping Onto The House Boat With Mike Dillard And Crew

Then we jump in the Range Rover and head to Lake Travis for some houseboat fun. 'Twas a good day.

I remember when Mike had just started his Magnetic Sponsoring business and to see it grow into an 8-figure business in a few short years with an entire staff and culture full of good people, was simply inspiring.

One good sales letter, one good innovative product or idea can simply change your life and make the lives of countless thousands of others far better. Never discount that drive, that passion, and spark of change you want to make. It may change the world.

That night we head out to the bars for some extended fun and I, for the first time in my life, eat my first $18 sandwich (pastrami, coleslaw, egg salad, a fried egg, and russian dressing). Ohh and it was worth every penny!

The next day I leave for the final leg of my trip before coming back home here to Maui.

Time to get on the plane to Denver, Colorado to meet up with my business partner Rob.

In 4 days, we plan our next six months, shoot a new product, and watch Ray Allen hit 7 three pointers in a row. Highly productive time.

And finally . . . At long last . . . I hop on the final plane home to Maui. I'm happy.

I get home and although I was so busy I didn't get much of a chance to do any active marketing along the way, I arrive home to more money in the business bank account than when I left, and a cool $20k in extra checks in the mailbox.

The internet network marketing lifestyle, I must say, ain't all that bad.

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