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Kimball Roundy: The 550,000 Free Lead Viral Marketing Secret

The TRUSE Story Behind How The MOST Viral Marketing System Ever Created Was Born ...

You're in for a rare treat. I tracked down my buddy Kimball Roundy for this episode, and if you don't know who he is you might remember something called "The Spider Web System."

Kimball Roundy

Kimball created it from scratch and version 1.0 was the MOST powerful viral multiple income creation system ever created.

In 18 months, that system generate 550,000 members, a 30,000+ organization, another 17,000+ organization, 12 strong streams and over $550,000 in revenue in it's meteoric rise, all for 100% free.

In this interview Kimball recounts the story of how he created this success from scratch and how you can use the same principles to drive viral growth in your business now. An invaluable lesson.

Want More Kimball? Head to or to learn about how's re-inventing free viral marketing lead generation you should head to to learn about his brand new system.

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