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List Publisher Profits Partner Application: Only 50 Will Be Accepted

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What you get...

1. "List Publisher Profits LIVE!" (Value $10,000) - Our 50 chosen list publishing partners will be invited to a private 3 day workshop and network event in Las Vegas with our "" team and our top publishers to take your business to the next level. You'll learn advanced marketing tactics live and in person and you'll leave with a custom "Invisible Funnel" marketing funnel completed.

2. "Instant Ad Swap Community" (Value $10,000) - You and the other 49 chosen partners will work together in our ad swap community to help you each other grow each others list. Your private list concierge will provide you with two new ad swaps from the group per day, your only job is schedule them to go to build your list. Simply following this plan will lead you you generating an additional 100+ leads per day by day 30.

3. "Maximum Click Funnel" (Value $2,997)- We'll create a unique landing page and solo with you to help you maximum your clicks and profits for your new list publishing business.

4. "Invisible Funnel License" (Value $20,000) - We will license our 4 most profitable invisible funnels to you to sell and keep 100% of the profits on the front end and 50% of the profits on the backend one time offer sequence.

5. " Exclusive Contract" (Value $50,000+ Per Year) - Once you list can deliver 333 clicks per day we will sign an exclusive contract with our agency where we will purchase 1 day per day from you monthly guaranteeing you a consistent monthly income.

6. "Agressive Roadmap To 333 Clicks In 60 Days Or Less" (Value $997)- Our top list publishers will coach you online through a series of 6 weekly webinars to 333 clicks per day in the least amount of time capitalizing on all profit opportunities along the way.

7. "30 Day Guaranteed Income" (Value $500 - $2,000) - At the end of the 30 days in our "List Publisher Profits" ad swapping partner community we will purchase a test ad from your list take the clicks we generate and multiply it by 30 and wire you funds for those clicks at the end of your first month.

8. "Instant Profit Newsletter Content" (Value $997)- You will receive my top 365 emails to jump start business and we will continue to produce exclusive content for the members of our community available monthly

9. "List Publisher Business Brokering" (Priceless)- If you come to the point where you'd like to sell your list publishing business we'll use our extensive list of contact to find and broker the transaction for your exit.

10. "List Publisher Profits License" (Value $2,500)- When we open out community to more than than initial 50 partners you will have exclusive rights to introduce new people to the partnership and earn a $1,250 bounty per new accepted member.

11. "Your Seed List" (Value $70,000) - We'll co-op your ad cost to build you a 5,000 to 10,000 list at cost without our own $1M traffic and leads at 100 people per day to accelerate your list publishing profits business.

12. "$100 Autoresponder Rebate" (Value $100 )- We'll offer you a $100 rebate to more than double the cost of your monthly GVO autoresponder.


Total Value: $169,591!

To apply for the program please send me a private email to da3gan[at] and share why you feel like being accepted as a membership of this program is the right decision for you at this point in time for your business. Please share full contact information and any business experience you've had so we can get a feel for you. This will be a long term relationship so it is important you share everything you can about yourself to give yourself the best chance of being accepted.

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