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Mark Hoverson: How To Use Stories To Sell Covertly …

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"How Story Telling And A TINY LIST Made Me Almost 7 Figures In 14 Days"

A few weeks ago my buddy (guy in the white inner tube below), Mark Hoverson, pulled of an amazing feat. In fact ...

Mark Hoverson

Mark Hoverson, Myself, and Tim Erway, at Lake Travis in Austin Texas

I'd call it miraculous. Mark, with his TINY list, ability to use story telling to disarm, entertain, persuade, and the power of something he calls "D", did an almost  ....

$1,000,000 Launch - One Of The MOST Successful Product Launches In The Home Business Industry This Year

In this rare and exclusive interview, just weeks later, he shares EXACTLY how he pulled it off. Click play - listen in:

This is going to be one of these interviews you refer back to time and time again, in fact ...

Let me know below if you don't find yourself rewinding right around 26:50 over and over again just like did.

After you finish listening connect with Mark Hoverson here at:

Editorial Correction: At the beginning of the interview, I said 8 figures, I meant 7.

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