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Shocking - "$1,705 From 451 Clicks From A Rancid Worn Out List..."

“$1,705 From 451 Clicks From A Rancid Worn Out List…”

You’ll hear as you watch this case study that I really was in a state of shock with my results with this business. I shot this video for the owner, honestly because he needed to hear this. I sent one email an old list I hadn’t thought about in months and 3 days later I had $1700+ from just 451 clicks, and I stress… ┬áNOT unique clicks, just clicks, but that’s only half of the story. Watch and see…

Toby & Layla Black “We Just Felt Smarter…”

Toby & Layla just had that first child and are two of the sharpest, happiest, most fun people I’ve ever met. In this video, they share a quick case study about how just one training from my now closed “Maximum Leverage” inner circle effected their business dramatically…