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Maximum Leverage Closed (Almost) …

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*** IMPORTANT UPDATE: Contest Video Submissions Deadline Extended To Midnight Saturday November 3rd ***

I can think of no better way in the world to write the final chapter of my life's work than to throw the most bad ass contest ever.

Almost Closed

It fits the situation like the finest of gators (classy ass pimp shoes).

Let me explain ...

For the last 4 years I've shared every single success, failure, and breakthrough I've had in my business more transparently than a naked newborn baby, and as a result ...

Maximum Leverage has created more overnight success stories than any other online marketing coaching program in the world. Here's what the experts say ...

Just typing that last sentence brings this unique stories to mind about my man Lawrence Tam who just last week eclipsed the $95,000 mark for just the first half this month (big ups player), and ...

I can remember, not long ago teaching him how to create what I call "The Irresistible Offer Formula" and I could see in his eyes, even back then ....

It was only a matter of time. I can remember him saying verbatim to me "Daegan, I get this. Just give me a little time."

True to his word (almost), about 13 months later, he found the opening unleashed the power of his own "Irresistible Offer" and boom - $50k months since like clockwork.

What do you think Lawrence would say THAT ONE single “Maximum Leverage” lesson was worth?

Right before we close the window for anyone to join us in our soon to be completely closed doors coaching community, I’m going to hold a short window where you’ll be able to join us, as one of the chosen few, to ascend to the heights of freedom, contribution, and greatness in life, but ...

Not yet.

The final chance join the "Maximum Leverage" Inner Circle will be October 24th November 6th, and only for a chosen few.

(You’ll know more about what I mean by this soon.)

The fee will one time and embarrassing considering college cost about $120,000 and don’t make you know $50k monthly like clockwork.

So when you see the tuition, you’re going to laugh, but don’t even concern yourself with that, because right now ...

You’re going to get a chance to win a priceless Maximum Leverage lifetime membership and maybe even make a LOT of Moolah in the process - FREE.

As I said when I started ...

Maximum Leverage’s power lies in it’s philosophy:

‘“Share everything transparently - no hype, no guff, no bullshizniz, and - the truth shall set you free.”

It our students cases ... that’s literally what’s happens. No really ...

And ... you're next.

Starting right now and until midnight Monday October 22nd Saturday November 3rd the window for you to submit your biggest marketing breakthrough in “transparent” Maximum Leverage style is open.

Then on Sunday November 4th ...

We’ll compile all of our entries, choose the top 10, and give you the power to vote “American Idol” style and choose the winner Monday November 5th.

The submission that gets the most votes wins. Just like last years winner ...

We’ll get to what top prize is, and how make money whether you win or not (a lot of people will be, so pay attention when I share that part if you want in on some close out cash), but first let me share with you how to submit your entry.

How to submit your entry ...

    Step One: Shoot a short video clip sharing your biggest marketing breakthrough you learned from from us or anywhere online and simple share that breakthrough transparently the same way we do every day in Maximum Leverage.

Here's an example for Toby & Layla ...

    Step Two: Upload that video clip to YouTube, and if you have a blog, embed that YouTube video with your entry to your blog. If not just grab the link to your YouTube video.
    Step Three: Copy and past that URL to the comments section below. If you post your video on your own blog you’ll end up getting a lot of traffic your website just from all of the activity on the page. That’s it.

We’ll take it from there ...

Optional - Make Money While Winning Free Prizes & Cash

If you want make money from our contest and our final ever window for enrollment for our Maximum Leverage Inner Circle coaching program we’ve got special two tier commission structure already set up for you.

    You’ll earn 40% commissions on your referrals and 20% commission on the second tier referrals (people who you refer who also make sales) for a total of up to $1,600 per new customer.

If you want to take advantage of that here’s what you do ...

You’ll see a “Early Bird” registration form below. Register there, and by doing that you’ll get 3 killer bonuses.

  1. You’ll get a 2 hour head start when we do open the final enrollment window for joining our Maximum Leverage family at low one time lifetime tuition assuring you get a chance you take advantage of the savings before everyone else.
  2. Each day, as part of this blow out Maximum Leverage event I’ll be making available for a FULL 24 hours, for absolutely free, several of our best selling courses for you to get a taste of what being an Inner Circle member is like. These course cost anywhere from $97 - $297 and we’ll be giving them to you free, but ONLY to those on the early bird list.
  3. Most importantly to those who want to earn commissions while playing along, by filling out the early bird list you’ll be instantly enrolled in our special 2 tier Maximum Leverage close out lifetime membership affiliate program.

Here's some of the results Inner Circle student Shaqir Hussyin had from our Solo Ad Secrets course sells for $197 here, and will be given away free to early bird list subscribers ...

Once you’re enrolled in the program, I’ll give you simple instructions & your affiliate links for earning commissions.

So here’s what you can do ...

Under your video submission, either in your YouTube description or your underneath your video in your blog post you can say something simple (In fact, copy, paste, steal and use this):

    “Maximum Leverage is closing it’s doors for good and I just found out that Daegan is holding a killer contest where you can win some insane prizes just entering (at the very least you'll get at least a $20 Amazon gift card just for playing), and he’s giving way several of his best selling products for free as well part of the promotion - it's kinda crazy. Check out the details here: LINK and of course vote for me when it’s time in the contest (wink)”

Then each person that finds this page and joins our contest, and early bird list through you will be your second tier affiliate, which means ... If they make sales when we open the final window for joining as a lifetime member on October 24th you earn 20%.

What can I win for entering the contest for free?

Here’s something I’ve never done before but I’m doing it just this one time for this close out promotion ...

Everyone Wins!

$50 Amazon Gift Card

Just for sharing your breakthrough, as long as you’re on of the first 250 people to submit your breakthrough video below (following the instructions above) you’ll get a $20 gift card from Amazon just for playing, and ...

To make this things even sweeter for our for those of you who move fast ...

The first 20 people to submit an legitimate breakthrough will get a free $50 amazon gift card, as my close out gift to you for being a fast mover (money likes speed right?)

The Top 4 Prizes:

  1. $7,500 In House Ad - A four day exclusive in house ad to my house list of 220,000 subscribers and over 15,000 customers that I’ve built over the last eight years.
  2. JV Webinar With Me - I’ll host a webinar with you, last webinar we did we had 2,140 register, our highest revenue webinar we’ve done was just over $300,000 for one event.
  3. 5,000 Person List - We’ll build you a 5,000 subscriber list from scratch from our own traffic and leads on us.
  4. Lifetime Membership in Maximum Leverage ...

And so here’s the sweet thing about our prizes ...

If you win first place you get ALL of the prizes, if you get second place you’ll get prizes for fifth through second place, third place - you win prizes third thru 4th.

So what should you do now?

    STEP ONE: Join our “Early Bird” list below and get your unique partner link set up so you can earn up to 60% commissions simply by sharing your own breakthrough with your circle of influence.
    STEP TWO: Get that breakthrough video created, uploaded to YouTube, posted to you blog with your 2nd tier referral link underneath, and posted in the comment section below and you’ve already won at least $20 for your time in Amazon gift cards, and $50 if you’re one of the first ten.

Early Bird Access, Free Courses, & 60% Commissions - Register Below:

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""His Sales Funnels Convert Like Crazy...""

   "I love promoting Deagan's stuff - for a couple reasons:

   1.)I know he provides top-notch content. So I have no problems with asking people on my list to buy Maximum Leverage- they're going to get their moneys worth.

   2.)Deagan is one of the most astute marketers online today when it comes to conversion. He tracks everything down to the micro-level... so his sales funnels convert like crazy. And he never stops improving them.

   I sent a few emails out to my list promoting Maximum Leverage a couple weeks back. After about 5 days, I had 17 signups, and at $97 per month in residual income from each customer, I'm pretty happy with that!"

Matt Lloyd

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