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Ned Rae: from a 28,000 organization to the verge of death

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I just had a long conversation with an old friend. A mentor from back when I grew my first large team in Success University. The story he just shared with me will inspire you, touch your heart, and move you to action. Read on . . .

Ned And Cheryl Rae

Ned And Cheryl Rae.

Ned was my upline in Success University and he and his wife Cheryl are two of the nicest people I've ever met.

The thing I remember most about the first time I met Ned was the undertone of joy, happiness, and love for his wife and his path in life. Totally magnetic. A person you just want to sit down with, shut up, and absorb their wisdom through the tales they tell.

Ned Rae - A Vision Of Leadership And Success

Ned Rae - A Vision Of Leadership And Success.

He, in a former life, was an Army Machinist, before he found his way to the home business world, and it was with that same military mentality that he was able to lead, grow, and inspire a team that over a few years grew to 28,000+.

I remember when I met Ned for the first time, in person, just how happy he was at this company meeting. I remember the magnetism he brought to the stage as he shared his story with us all.

A true story of inspiration. A guy who lived, and to this day lives, by the principles of personal development and mentorship and reaped the rewards.

Ned Rae's Top Prosducer Ring From Success University

Ned Rae's Top Producer Ring From Success University.

He shot me an email yesterday with what he was currently up to, and I decided to pick up the phone to reconnect.

I wasn't prepared for what he had to share.

Back in Vietnam he had contracted hepatitis C, and even in his Success University days, he battled to keep his health at the same level as his income and leadership.

Ned Rae On Stage - Even Here He Was Battling With His Health

Ned Rae On Stage - Even Here He Was Battling With His Health.

It was a challenge . . . which recently, he almost lost.

Ned shared that one year ago his liver had totally failed on him. Sequestered to a hospital bed for months in a situation where not even his physicians thought he would live more than 60 days, he carried on.

Only mentally clear while on dialysis 20% of the time because of the level of ammonia in his blood, it seemed to everyone, but him and Cheryl, that he was nearing the end.

In those mentally clear states his only question to Cheryl was "Do I have my new liver?"

For weeks she could only say, "soon."

To make matters worse, our company - Success University, was crumbling before us. My team and his 28,000 organization were both being ripped from beneath us.

And, as I sat there listening to Ned share this, I could only think of how strong he was.

To wake up and only be mentally clear 20% of the time, knowing that the only constant realities to meet him in clear consciousness were that he was teetering between life and death and that his livelihood, the team he had spent some 5 years of his life devoting himself to building, was gone.

What a herculean mental effort it must have been to stay positive in those dark times.

One morning Ned awakes to hear Cheryl, his wife, crying.

He thinks it's the end.

She walks over to him and he says "Baby, it's going to be ok."

She, tears streaming from her eyes, responds "Yes, I know. They found your new liver."

Ned made it through surgery with flying colors, and while speaking with him, he was the same old Ned I had remembered. Lighthearted and full of joy, but slightly changed . . .

See Ned, had always believed in putting his whole being into the company he was representing and he always did.

Seeing his 28,000 person downline disintegrate while he lay on his death bed had changed his perspective.

Before when I shared with Ned what I was doing on the internet, he simply disregarded it.

Ned had always been an old school "belly to belly guy." But now that he's taking anti liver rejection medication and he's had a team crumple before him and there was nothing he could do about it, now . . .

Ned is receptive to the vast potential of the internet. It's, for him, now the only way he can build.

The advice I shared with Ned was . . .

1. Lead With Value - give without reserve. Create a lead capture page, put a recording together sharing his story of success that lead him to the brink of death and give that way via a lead capture page as a lead magnet. Why? Posture, personality, and rapport.

2. Communicate Daily - even though Ned is more of a phone guy than an online guy, he can still do the thing he loves (talk to people and connect) by simply giving his prospects a call to action to give him a call between, for example, 3pm and 9pm CST and leave his phone number. The phones will ring off the hook.

3. Package His Knowledge - Ned, in order to stabilize and control more of his income MUST create a different dynamic with his prospects, NOT Ned - Company - Prospect, but rather Ned - Prospect - Income Streams. When your income is dictated by the posture you create, the value you give away for free, and the relationship you directly have with your prospects there is NO company that can ever take that away.

4. Get Paid What You're Worth - Ned, after losing his income and downline, moved to a lower tier direct sales company. I don't know if he'll follow this piece of advice or not, but I told him to move to something where his income will more closely meet the true value he provides by moving to a higher ticket item for sale.

It's only fun, you can only really help people, when you're paid for your value and those who are ready to change their lives by working with you are willing to step up to the plate to pay it (from their perspective, NOT because they think you're worth it, but because they believe they're worth it).

Ned threw up the obvious objection to this final suggestion which was "don't you cut out a significant portion of the marketplace by raising the price barrier to entry?"

My Response: No.

We find the money to do things we want to do and to get the things we want to get (that's why a lot of us have so much CC debt). All you do by raising the barrier to entry is raise the caliber of person you work with. They value you and you value them. You find people who more reflect your financial beliefs. Working with people like this is both a pleasure and a joy.

There's one more thing I shared with Ned that may be more subtle, but still highly important . . .

I noticed when he spoke about the internet he said "I have to use it."

Subtle, but expressing things in that fashion puts the burden of labor on your mind to the task. It's no longer a pursuit of passion when you "have to" it's a chore and a job.

I shared this with Ned, and that the proper mindset for online success is one of great adventure. A new journey, a puzzle, a new land to discover. If you go after your business from that perspective every single day is a joy.

As we left our conversation . . .

Ned said "Daegan, you've come a LONG way since we met some 6 years ago. You're there and I'm finally ready to learn more from you."

I smiled, he couldn't see it and said "Thank you."

Not for the compliment so much, but rather for the inspiration of his story. To be on the verge of death and then get back at it is more than heroic.

I think sometimes we give too much mind space to the home business guru and not enough to the home business hero.

Ned Is A Hero.

Ned Is A Hero.

I challenge you, as you read this to feed from Ned's strength of resolve and never ever quit.

I have come a long way. I'm proud of it. To be able to pick up the phone, speak to an old mentor, and return the favor in spades means my time and direction have and continue to be worth it. As long as you never give up, I'll never stop mentoring you either.

Getting to the $1,000,000+ level isn't that hard and doesn't take that long (6 months or less) if you've studied up as long as I have. But it takes even less time when you don't have to figure it all out on your own as I did. If you're ready to change your life click here - I'll lead. All you have to do is simply believe and follow.

Ned And Cheryl's Reaction To What You Just Read.

Ned And Cheryl's Reaction To What You Just Read.

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