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Postcard Recruiting Secrets

In this training you’re going to learn how an ex-prison guard of all people has grown a downline of over 10,000 and still growing and has created a business that now grosses well over $9,800 per month using simple little postcards.

I’m brining in the heavy artillery on this one. Although I’m familiar and have had some strong success using offline direct mail marketing in my own business I have yet to truly master the fine art of postcard recruiting, so . . .

I’ve enlisted my mentor Robert Blackman to be our mentor in this event. He’s been a network marketer for over 22 years now, and before that time ran a print shop with his family, so offline and direct mail marketing come naturally to him.

He built his first million dollar downline primarily using postcards to automatically generate leads, he’s had more than 8,000,000 postcards mailed out for him in the time span of a single year, and has used this knowledge to amass more than $12,000,000 in one company.

I could think of no one better to mentor us all on this subject. So it’s my supreme pleasure to bring him to the stage for this event for a good old fashion grilling “Daegan” style. Here’s what you’re going to learn in this no holds barred event:

The simple math behind making all your postcard recruiting free

How to create your first postcard in an afternoon

How to choose ONLY lists that will be highly responsive

The simplest method to get your postcards printed and mailed without you lifting a finger to do it

The secret to setting up your voice mailbox recruiting system so you never
have to speak to anyone if you don’t want to

Robert’s simple lead follow up system that converts 48% of his leads into team members

How to turn your postcard recruiting system into a team system for scalable duplication

And Much Much More . . .

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